Friday, October 26, 2007

Fade Away

Fade Away by Bill Stewart
©1990-92 Berkeley Systems Inc.

Part of the After Dark 2.0 collection.

Fade Away takes the prize for least exciting module in the 2.0 collection. I have clear fond memories of finding this completely useless when I first installed After Dark. The most entertaining of the styles is Dissolve (pictured above) but by entertaining I mean "yes I suppose something is kind of happening" and not "well, would you look at that".

The description from within the program calls the methods of turning the screen black interesting. I suppose they did this because telling us Fade Away has a couple of mind numbingly boring methods wouldn't make great copy.

Okay, if I have to say something good about the module, it does serve a purpose in a randomizer to completely clear the screen for the next module whatever it may be. Also, I suppose it would make a good "work" saver in that there is absolutely nothing offensive about it.

Fade Away (tm) makes your screen completely black in a number of interesting ways.

Select a method to fade away from the "Style" drop-down list box

Thanks to Ian Macdonald.

Fade Away by Bill Stewart
©1990-92 Berkeley Systems Inc.

Works under Windows XP & Vista in greater than 256 colors.

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