Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Magic by Bill Stewart and Ian MacDonald.
©1990-92 Berkeley Systems Inc.

Part of the After Dark 2.0 collection.

Perhaps a little mundane and boring for the modern screen saver fan, Magic still works great on a modern computer. However, since the decedent of Magic is built into every version of Windows there is little this module can offer of which most users are not already tired.

Still, it's a good module to throw into your Randomizer and it does seem to work well with others when added in a MultiModule configuration.

MAGIC (tm) creates patterns with soothing and hypnotic rhythms that constantly vary.

We emphatically deny that Magic synchs to music, calms your nerves, or is affected by psychic energy from the user.

Use the "Lines" slider to change the number of lines. The maximum number of lines (below Infinite) is 150.

The Line Speed and the Color Speed can each be varied from 1% to 100%.

The mirroring option reflects the pattern either horizontally, vertically, or both ways at once.

Works under Windows XP & Vista in greater than 256.

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