Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Punch Out

Punch Out by Bill Stewart..
©1990-92 Berkeley Systems Inc.

Part of the After Dark 2.0 collection.

It's not the most exciting of modules. It does (as they say) what it says on the tin. It does run a little too fast on modern systems but this is less of a detriment for Punch Out than for other modules like Aquatic Realm.

I think this module is best used in conjunction with others in a randomizer as it will punch some holes in whatever graphic it starts with which changes things up a little for the next module.

That all being said, I did enjoy this module when first released. There was something oddly pleasing about watching giant chunks of your desktop float away.

PUNCH OUT (tm) punches holes in your monitor and slides the pieces off the screen in random directions.

Original concept by Bob Schumaker & Chip Morningstar. Sound by Rob Gale.

Cool punch out ideas by José Carlos Colón and Mouse Herrell.

Use the "Shape" drop down list box to select different shapes to be punched.

Use the "Size" slider to vary the size of pieces and the "Speed" slider to vary the speed the punched pieces move.

To hear the sound of each piece being punched out, use the sound control (if sound capability is available).

Works under Windows XP & Vista in greater than 256 colors but runs a little too fast.

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